High Desert Winter
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High Desert Winter

I am planning to create a high desert winter scene, because most people don't think of the desert as beautiful or wintery, yet it's very much both. Although I do get sick of the sun having lived in it most of my life lol. I will be using Megascans for the plants in the landscape but will be modeling the deck plants

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Update - 28 Dec 2021

Dealing with COVID (yaay, not) but getting back to working on this project. Experimenting with the colors of the lighting to give it a bit more life and pop.

Image on the right is references, image on the left is mostly blocking and testing mist passes etc. Just started yesterday. Will be modeling a deck, potted plants and some chairs etc.

All right, fixed the snow up close and made it look bumpier/heavier on the plants. Playing with shaders is fun lol. Now to modeling decks and deck furniture.

Added shaders to the wood, tweaked the snow, messed with composition etc.

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