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The Tunnel from Season 2
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The Tunnel from Season 2

I tried to recreate the cool scary tunnel from season 2 of Stranger Things

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Update - 28 Dec 2021

I am Trying to recreate the season 2 Tunnel . So I started working on this project pretty late so I don't have much time 

These are the references I collected for the Base Tunnel

I Created the base Tunnel using Houdini and then I imported the Houdini geo in blender and started working on the shaders and also playing with some lights to give this scene that blue scary look

I got a idea to put those bad astronaut looking guys inside the tunnel to convey some sort of story 

I started working on the details to make this tunnel for complicated and scary looking I used few megascan assets and scatter few tings here and there

I rendered few Aovs to find out how far I can push the look in post (comp) I put the hole thing in nuke and try to do some cool things 

So I not happy with the final look so far but I found some cool things that I can do in post (comp) at this point I knw that I have to do something with the upside down particles and yeah I have to improve the lighting a lot because at this point everything is looking blue that is not looking cool at all

So at this point I got the composition and have a clear vision of this scene

I give these guys some pose and played with the lights even more I  scatter lots of particles and gave them a transparent circle texture and render it separately 

So the newer version is looking kind of cool but I have to fix few things and add some more Stranger Things elements I have 3 more days to go lets see how far I can go with this

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