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Alien Creature Roar (stranger things inspired)
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Alien Creature Roar (stranger things inspired)

Love animating Roars/ Growls!

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Update - 31 Dec 2021

Final Version for now. Funny how those bricks have been conveniently placed there, just so they can shatter...... 

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Update - 27 Dec 2021

Having a lot of fun on this one! Still working with the locomotion, the roar needs work too. Not sure if I will keep the side to side rotation on the steps, feels too stylized. Might just tone that down. 

Update - 15 Dec 2021

Sorry For the late first pass, just found out about this contest yesterday and I only recently watched stranger things, so I naturally got hyped! Quick layout of Alien creature roar. The weight of that thing would crush down the house, but I'll let that pass for now...

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