Code 004
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Code 004

Dengyu Liu
by Deng on 20 Nov 2021 for Netflix & Skill - Stranger Things

The project is exterior scene rendering with character modeling texturing the landscape shader creation procedural foliage lighting from scratch

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Update - 30 Nov 2021

Let me upload some of my latest project progress, this is my main character who can control electricity and signals and has partially stone skin. That is why I will put her into the redwood forest with an old TV in her hand, the screen will show some images without plugging.

Due to there was no concept to refer to, I used Emma Watson's face as a reference for my character's face model, Sculptured her face it doesn't take a long time, but the part of the skin and make clothes to let me into a difficult, because only some frameworks direction in my mind, I tried and tested many different types of monsters skin, hand or should I say claws styles, and because of posing problems in the future, In order to match the clothes and transfer the details to the posed low mesh, I was caught in a struggle, and even the progress became very slow for several days. Fortunately, I cleared up my thoughts and solved these problems, and finally uploaded my periodical update today.

I lengthened her fingers and added a little muscle to her arms to make them look more freaky.

This is the appearance of her wearing a T-shirt, jeans, shorts and canvas shoes. I made these in Marvelous Designer. Due to computer performance problems, the clothes mesh counts are low, but the overall effect can be checked. There is something strange about the shoulder part of the T-shirt and the whole stretch seems to be a little too tight. I will fix these problems later.

Next, I plan to make the hair cards of hair, skin texture and will do a hard surface model, an old TV set, She will take it in the future, showing some strange things in the redwood forest, this project is really a big challenge for me, I wish I can be made in the last I want to render the final effect, hope you like it.

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Update - 20 Nov 2021

Hey, everyone.

I would like to make a project "Code 004" to participate in this Stranger Things contest, which will be a scene with monsters as the main body located in an exterior redwood forest. I will use ZBrush to create the monster from scratch, MD to make the clothes, Maya to make the hard surface assets of an old TV, then use SP to make the materials, and finally combine these main assets with some plants from outside as the background of the scene into the UE4 game engine.

The first is the scene I imagined. I think the forest road scene makes me feel very mysterious. These are the pictures of the redwood forest that I collected for reference.

I am going to do a new monster to represent stranger things, but that doesn't mean a completely departure from the original, I hope the art style of the monster is not simply scary, but more mysterious and even handsome. This feeling is like seeing a superhero I have never seen before. I will be curious about what her superpower is, where she comes from and what she has experienced. I on the basis of the original story, imagine the development of a new feeder and add the code 004 monsters.

The fact that she shouldn't be called the monstor, she also comes from the laboratory, as well as tying or experiment, but she is more unique, Because her superpowers half come from the upside-down, but she is not absolute villain, she has her own growth, and accompanied by a shift, may even as a member of the leading team, but this is not to write the script, I think with these good enough I build in visual design level framework, so she looks half-dragon girl, These are some of the references collected, but in keeping with the stranger Things visual, She doesn't wear armor, she wears an 80's schoolgirl look, tee and jeans and Converse.

I referred to the size of the 14-inch old TV and searched the shape in my hand according to the ratio. Finally, in order to verify my ideas, I used the fastest method to build the scene of gray model in UE4 to confirm the overall sense of my ideas.

I confirmed that the width of the American forest highway is about 4.5 meters. In the scene, I used the spline function of terrain to quickly build a road with a width of 5 meters. The height of the character was scaled to 1.6 meters. I combined these elements to make sure the proportions and shading were in harmony. In order to make the character less aggressive, I raised the height of the camera slightly during composition, presenting a sense of overlooking.

The grey meshes are used with trees, bushes and the vista's mountain background sourced from free resources on epic's marketplace which is the Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material and Landscape Backgrounds.