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Secret Portal Russian Lab

I'm recreating the entirety of the opening scene of Stranger Things - Season 3 on 3DS Max !

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Update - 26 Nov 2021

Hey ! As i said last week, for my weekly update, i've done a russian hazmat suit of the 80s with different poses !

I've started with a rigged body mesh that i already had, animated for posing, did the garment and clothes in Marvelous Designer following the animation, some basic meshes like boots and mask in 3DS Max and the texturing in V-Ray 3DS Max.

I've used my own face for the head ! With some basic selfies, i've warped them on the body mesh with Substance Painter.

For the hazmat pattern in Marvelous designer, i've been strongly inspired and tutored by Charlie Cunningham's work ( I've been able to understand the logic behind Marvelous Designer thanks to his pattern and i've done the bag without any pattern reference.

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Update - 19 Nov 2021

Hey everyone !
I've decided for this contest to work on a big scale project on 3DS max with V-ray !
My plan is to render the entire introductory scene of the season 3 of Stranger Things !
A 2:00 ratio for cameras, an architecture of eastern Europe/Russia's 80's, lots of lights, fog, smoke, and of course stairs for a lot of fun !

I intend to be faithful the original scene but not to the extent to limitate myself by it. As it is, in cinema, they often create small or big inconstencies by moving and adapting the set to every different shots. In order to reproduce perfectly a shot, others could simply become physically impossible.
The goal of my work isn't to shut off my brain and reproduce without thinking, but rather make it logically and do it thoughtful !

I've started this project one week ago and intend to update it weekly, thank you for your attention !

I've created a road with my references helping me to situate everything correctly.

I have my block-in finished and the general mood with the lighting, next is the modelling !
I plan not only to make the environment but to make a guy in a hazmat suit, duplicate him and pose him differently as i fear the scene would be less impactful without them.

For the block-in, my cameras are extremely faithful to the original shots. It helps me with measurement and architecture. I intend to change them and to make them more like cinematic shots with better composition and framing !