Stylized Punk Eleven Model
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Stylized Punk Eleven Model

For this contest, I decided to go with a stylized artwork of Punk Eleven from the second season of the show. This is my first ever Rookies contest, so I’m excited to be sharing my work and process with you.

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Update - 23 Nov 2021

Small update. Life got in the way and I wasn't able to do much of this project. I started on retopology in Blender and that's currently where I'm at. I hope to share more updates soon. Cheers. 

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Update - 16 Nov 2021

I haven’t made much difference to the model from where I left it last. I made subtle changes to the face, like the slope of the forehead, the cheeks and the shape of the ears. I also added some eye shadow around the eyes and added a placeholder hair for sanity. More to come soon. 

Update - 14 Nov 2021

I’ve been busy with work, so I haven’t been able to get enough time to work on this model. So here’s a bit of what I did in my spare time. Continued adding some smaller changes. Polished up the face, though it’s still in it's early stages. I made some changes to the ears, nose, lips and shaped the eyelids. I then went back to a basemesh that I had in my files and added the legs and pelvis area. This will allow me to speed up my workflow and make changes quicker. More updates soon. 

Update - 12 Nov 2021

Began working on the model. I started by creating a basemesh in ZBrush. I used quad spheres for the head and neck. Since I needed everything to move quickly, I pulled pieces from a basemesh that I have for the nose, ears, arms and torso. This allowed me to save time and focus on the facial features. During this process, I do a lot of dynamesh and remeshing. I like to keep my models very low poly and organized to allow me to make both large and small changes very quickly. I then used a vdb brush to quickly create lips and sculpt them to fit the character. I also added some colors just to see the facial features better. At this point it looks nothing like Eleven, but that's okay. I need to first get the topology and planes of the face looking good first, then work on the likeness later on. 

Update - 12 Nov 2021

I started off by renewing my Netflix subscription since I wanted to find a scene from the show that I would base my main reference off of. I like the dark aspect of the character, and that’s why I went with this look. I then proceeded to gather as much reference as I could, including images from Google of Millie, the actor. I also got some references of her clothing and references of various stylized 2D and 3D characters from other artists just to get a feel of the stylized look. Due to time constraints, I won’t start off with an illustration, but jump right into sculpting and using my references to help keep it stylized.