Vultan - High resolution sculpt  -Final
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Vultan - High resolution sculpt -Final

Frida Petersén
by fripet on 19 Jul 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

A high resolution 3d sculpt of the Flash Gordon character Vultan.

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Update - 19 Jul 2021

Final entries:

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Update - 19 Jul 2021

Iteration: The amount of progress during this timeframe was less than initially intended, but it got as far as a light sculpt in the planned process.

Would improve the details and create more texture, especially in the materials, Vultan has a scale-like texture according to the reference material. Create more defined clothing and create a mantle/cape. The weapon was in hindsight, too wide for Vultans hand to grip both below and at the trigger, blocking and position of separate items before being too quick with sculpting it in place would be a future thought.

This is was a challange and it was fun to try!

Update - 19 Jul 2021

Beginning of entry, late start of media flow.

Beginning of work progress, at start of contest. Later on paused due to unexpected circumstances.

Resumed yesterday. The progress at that point has been to create an approximate reference picture based on the information given in the original reference material, to clearify proportions of the character before blocking the body.

Aswell as,

Creating a low poly base for the body of the character, to be rigged and posed as similar as possible to the original picture.

First attemted to model the full body in one piece, with the exception of cape/wings.

This proved to not be optimal with the level of detail intended for the models head.
Instead the head was created from scratch and modelled separatly.