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flash gordon contest

aroun mahdi
by Daagnir on 17 Jul 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

so this is my try on the flash gordon contest, originally i started the project for a real time model, but i didn't get the time to finish so this is my entry to the high poly contest

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Update - 17 Jul 2021

this is my participation to the flash gordon contest, i chose the design of flash him self cause i really like the idea

Unfortunately due to my school work i didn't finish the sculpt so i didn't start the retopology or any texture, so i prefer to poste my work in progress now and finish it later this month

i just started to clean his armor and making all the hard surface stuff, but we can see the results on his armor (she need more clean up)

finally his bionic arm and his legs are the less worked part and I'm gonna try to re-imagine them (principally the shoes)

thank you for your attention, i'm gonna post the final version soon here and on my artstation so stay tune

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