Dr. Zarkov Shiba Inu (Finished!)
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Dr. Zarkov Shiba Inu (Finished!)

Chelsea Tero
by onyx72 on 24 Jun 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

My entry for the Flash Gordon contest. I have based my model off of the Shiba Inu concept sketch of Dr. Zarkov.

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Update - 18 Jul 2021


Here's the final renders. I didn't get around to doing hair or grooming, that's something I might do in my own time after the contest. I tried my best to replicate fur by the texture instead. There's a couple parts that I feel are a little wonky and could be improved on such as the tail and eyebrows, but I'm pleased with the armour and how I added a bit more detail with texturing. Overall, I'm happy with how the model turned out. 

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Update - 16 Jul 2021

Part 4 - 16/7/21

Just realised there was an "add update" button, I've just been editing the post each time; whoops! Dates have been added to the first update to avoid confusion.

The texturing is mostly done now. It's strayed a little bit from the initial concept design, but that's because I've been trying to match the style more to the final concept of Zarkov as a French Bulldog.

I'm going to attempt some fur in Houdini next.

Update - 24 Jun 2021


I absolutely loved the expression of Dr. Zarkov in this version of the concept art, so I decided to create a model based on it. I want to try and capture the same nervous grin and attitude in my model.


As there was only one picture of this version, I decided to create some sketches of front, side and back views to begin creating a model from. I used pictures of Shiba Inus for more reference.


Part 1 - 24/6/21

Here's the first look into the model. I've focused more on getting the face and expression right and have moved onto creating the gear Dr. Zarkov wears. The body will be refined at a later stage. Teeth will also need to be added.

Part 2 - 11/7/21

The armour is now mostly completed! I'll be working on UVs today as well as creating his teeth. 


Part 3 - 14/7/21

UVs have been completed, teeth have been made, I'm now working on some texturing. I'd love to experiment with hair and grooming, but I don't think I'll have time. I'm texturing Dr. Zarkov with Substance Painter.