Morgane Périer - Barin's sister
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Morgane Périer - Barin's sister

For this contest I choose Barin's first Sister ! so excited to make this 3D character, it's such a good exercise for me! I will try to post regularly :)

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Update - 25 Jun 2021

Here is a little blocking! I worked a little bit more on the head because it's my favorite part and all the time I can't resist putting some details, even if it's not the first step to do haha. don't hesitate to give your opinion or some advice! :) 

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Update - 15 Jun 2021

Hello everyone!

This is my participation in the contest "Flash Gordon Modeling Contest".

As a Junior character artist, it's a pleasure for me to participate to this contest! I choose "Barin's first sister", because I found her design very interesting, there are organic and hard surface shapes and for training myself it's a good exercise.

Here is a moodboard I created quickly to help myself

And a quick sketch to help me see the volume of her head and her expression

It's all for now but I began the Sculp a few days ago, I will post some screenshot during the week ! :)