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Aspiring Props Artist. Sculpting character are difficult but challenges are fruitful.

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Update - 6 Jul 2021

It was a good workout!.

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Update - 22 Jun 2021

Update - 8 Jun 2021

Jacket  Block Out

Kneepad & leg Block Out

Update - 6 Jun 2021


Marvelous design would also been a consideration for the creation of the fabric. But considering the time taken to learn a new software I decided not to.

I will be using ZBrush to sculpt the fabric. As I wanted to stick to a single software as long as possible.

But first the base upper body shape needed to be sculpted. 

Update - 5 Jun 2021

A short time-lapse on the initial block out of Flash Gordon.

1- Started with a basic sphere then blocked out the basic landmarks for the face. 

2- Then after used ZRemesher to  further optimize the sculpt. 

3-The face sculpt stills need further tweaks for further refinement to match the concept art.

Next WIP - Neck And Body 

Update - 4 Jun 2021

Flash Gordon