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Ahmed ElGharabawy - 2021 Portfolio

Ahmed ElGharabawy - 2021 Portfolio

Ahmed Elgharabawy
by redpharoah on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I'm Ahmed ElGharabawy, 26. I'm a self taught artist from Egypt with a passion for concept art and game design. Below you can see some of my best work over the course of the past year. Enjoy!

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Character art and small environment pieces made for my wordbuilding project. Emergence is a sci-fi story set in the near future, that was largely inspired by games such as Megaman and Deponia.

The Signal

The antagonistic faction of the story's first act


Protagonist faction for the majority of the story, pioneers of AI technology


Concepts from various other facets of the project.

Worldbuilding Magazine

Art made for the free online magazine "Worldbuilding Magazine"

Thank you! 

For getting this far. This is my first entry to such a contest so I'm open to criticism, but I hope you've enjoyed viewing my work.

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