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Juan Osorio's concept art

Juan Osorio's concept art

Juan Camilo Osorio Arizabaleta
by Juancaos on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

3 pieces of character concept art that I have made: Canis Ursus, Nucifera and Luminescent Fungus Warrior.

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Canis Ursus Concept Art

Canis Ursus is one of many alien species discovered in Humanity’s adventures out of Earth after the viral outbreak that forced them to leave their planet behind, the name’s etymology comes from its similarities to Earth’s polar bears and hounds. The species is generally used by authority officials as scout and detection dogs and its commercialization is generally forbidden as with many other alien species. Nonetheless; Canis Ursus are illegally trained and sold in the black market.

I wanted to make an animal be the companion of a bounty hunter character designed by my friend Mark Braasch, coming back to an abandoned Earth to loot in a freezing climate. Thus, I designed the Canis Ursus to be good for scouting in such environments; combining elements of Bloodhound, Polar Bear, a Kangaroo's tail and a Mole's nose.


Nucifera is a fairy goddess of death that rests inside her cocoon inside the Dauðré in the Myrkskógr. Her duty is to ensure death for all mortal beings to preserve balance in the life cycle. Thus; when the tree of life around which a fairy society was built around kept extending its life thanks to the magic users’ energy, she awoke from her slumber to give death to the tree by her self; therefore, also to the forest society that was built around it. She ventures through the forest using her purifying fire to decay the forest wherever she passes until she gets to the nucleus of it, the life tree. 

To represent a fairy goddess of death I pictured a pale young woman with black hair wearing a long white dress, being black and white colours that represent death depending on the culture. Characteristic of fairies, she has butterfly wings, they also add to her concept since butterflies are used to represent the life cycle. Her name, Nucifera, comes from the scientific name of her signature flower that she is wearing on her hair, the Sacred Lotus, which can represent immortality as the endless cycle of life.

Luminescent Fungus Warrior

Made for a Character Design Challenge, with the topic "Mushroom Fighter". Inspired on bioluminescent fungi, more concretely in the Mycena Chlorophos, species found in subtropical Asia; and on a Samurai (wearing a kimono rather than a battle armour), taking inspiration from Japanese culture due to said presence of the fungus in some Asian countries, one of them being Japan.

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