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Farmerapy is a serious game that takes place on a farm and is based on minigames. It has been designed for occupational therapy patients of different ages. The minigames work with different cognitive processes such as attention, memory, multitasking , etc. We have tried to achieve a simple and adorable style.

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Gameplay trailer of Farmerapy, which we show you the mini-games.

Some screenhots of the game.

All the assets of the game and the final scene.

3d character and animal animations of Farmerapy.

Producer: Ricardo Borrull

Programmer: Rubén Martínez

Game Design: Nacho Clemente and Ricardo Borrull

Artists: Celia Méndez, Helena Úbeda and Nacho Clemente

Rigging: Nacho Clemente and Ricardo Borrull

Animation: Celia Méndez and Helena Úbeda

Lighting: Celia Méndez

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