Space Scrap and more

Space Scrap and more

by TheRealRayan on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello my name is Rayan Aroun, and that is my very first personal project named Space Scrap, and a preview of my second upcoming project, i hope you will enjoy it !

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Space Scrap is one of my very first projects but it's absolutely not finished and it's for the end of the school year at UA Art School Valencia, Spain.

In this project, I wanted to tell the story of a scientific and brawling heroine, who was abandoned by humanity when she was a teenager, has found herself in a foreign planet far away. So, alone, facing the unknown, she decided to explore this planet, solar system and even the milky way


AAND THERE SHE IS !! She seems strong right? Well, spending years in a hostile and unknown environment builds character ... and it costs you an arm...or two

Doing this character design, I have hesitated to adequately show that she's a scientist, but in a world like this one, it takes more than a white lab coat. I have tried to re-transcribe this scientist side with the pouches that she carries and her resourceful side.

Early Sketch's
 Imagining this character, I first thought of the Adeptus Mechanicus of  W40K, but the more I advance the more Borderlands universe and art style influences me.

Yelena's equipment:

the energy that fuels her spaceship comes from scraps. Humans left many of them behind after their passage . Yelena has a device called the S.S.G (Scrap Spark Generator) that converts the scraps into energy.

 (Picture on the left)

But, of course, it doesn't always work; sometimes it fails and the generator creates U.S.S (Unstable Scrap Spark) which is highly explosive. She uses it to make grenades for defence. 

(Picture on the middle)

Finally, her artificial arms which are a great help to her.

 (Description on the image on the Right)

The Flying Redemption 

Her spaceship which changed a lot since she found it

Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle movie has inspired me a lot for this design

Iteran Race

Iterans are the dominant species of Teranine. Some live in cities of scraps, others, who are more unfriendly and ignorant, live in the hostile plains of Teranine

Horn Swarm 

The Horn Swarm are the main problem on Teranine. They're too numerous and they prevent the Iterans from developing and flourishing.

I've gone through different designs for this creature, with varied aptitudes, and I hesitated quite some time before choosing a design

(Bottom right image)

And now, let's take a little look at another project that's still fresh!!

It's still in the very beginning but I thought it would be interesting to show it, The works that you've previously seen have each taken me more than a week, but this one took me 2-3 weeks

Basically, the idea was a blend between an african tribe in a world similar to Tibet with futuristic technology, Thanks to their advanced technology and their knowledge of nature, this people could build robots inspired by the region's monsters and animals to be able to fight the other tribes and expand their borders.

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