Concept Art - Environments, Characters and Props

Concept Art - Environments, Characters and Props

Sarah Kuelbs
by sarahkuelbs on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This entry contains various short projects that I have worked on throughout the past few months. They are concepts and illustrations which are also part of my University submission.

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Temple of the Serpent

My most recent project showcases the interior of a temple, which is used to worship a water serpent god. After creating sketches and silhouettes to figure out the direction I wanted to take in terms of architecture, I created 3D blockouts of different iterations of the temple's exterior, as well as a pillared hall.

This environment shows the landscape of the general area in which the temple is built. The building is a shrine which was inspired by some early iterations as seen above. 

I also worked on a character, who would be living in the same area. Hunters would regularly bring offerings in order to receive blessings. 


This short project was an entry for New3dge's Dracula contest. The aim was to create both concept art for Count Dracula, as well as an environment showcasing the Carpathian mountains and his castle. The ideas for this were based on Bram Stoker's book. 

Warcraft  Weapons

I created some glaive concepts while taking part in an art challenge. The style was inspired by World Of Warcraft. This was fun since I got to delve into more stylized art. 

Grand Space Opera: Light Age

I also took part in the Artstation challenge: "Grand Space Opera - Light Age". Here I worked on some ideas for a planet's surface, such as plant life, in order to showcase it in a sci-fi environment. 

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