by viku on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

just started animation few months back. I am learning it from YouTube tutorials by my own. Animation is my passion and I will try my best to create wonders in future.

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The first project is dedicated to a unique and calm architecture. Here, I have tried to showcase my dream house, that is to be built on a sea shore, to you via my animation. My vision was to create an image that showed the whole building. The wood detailing enhances the beauty of the architecture. The sky demonstrates the last light of the day and adds a cool and charming effect to the architecture. The texture detailing on the floor is a mixture of marble and a rocky surface so that the floor gets matched with the scenery. 

The second one Is a gaming room made by getting inspiration from the gaming room of my favourite gamer's gaming room. just like an entertainment room or a workshop, the gaming room is dedicated to one's passion. The room has a 4k wall mounted screen, gaming controllers and keyboards. If you want to play on PC, the desk is also there. The three monitors add to a cinematic experience while playing 3d games. The overall ambience of the room is soft and vibrant and the colour combinations gives modern and calming effects. I have kept the lightening to be low as it could create screen glare but try to provide a warm glow that could make the room a little more relaxing. For storage of gaming accessories there are many drawers. To show off my gaming momorabilia I included posters and pearl shaped perfume bottles on the shelves. Hope a gamer would love to spend time in my room.

The 3rd project is a unique and modern architecture

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