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Pierre Lazarevic's Entry

Pierre Lazarevic's Entry

Pierre Lazarevic
by pierrelazarevic on 9 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi, this is my entry for this year. I've put all together my last works, hope you will like it.

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"Hanging Structures" is a concept that came to life after watching Eytan Zana s last tutorial. Initialy I wanted something ethnical, wooden structures etc... I quickly found the shape I wanted (a donut right) then applied all the planks. Some bridges to travel in between the donuts and help the eye in the composition. Basically I had only 2 assets, the donut and the bridge. I duplicated them in Blender and applied a random position and scales to it. Very quickly I had the village-look I wanted and I started to imagine the place in giant trees.
For the rest of the image I was telling my own story about it while working on it, resolving design and architectural problems. Before the end, I did a little step backward with octane to help me getting the right texture/values on the donut in the background.

Time ratio (in average) :
3D coat > 10 %____Blender > 10%____Octane > 2%____Photoshop > 78%

"Watertown" is also a concept that came to life after watching Eytan Zana s last tutorial. I explored a little more what I can do with 3dcoat. So, I decided to improvise something at first place and it's only after that I tried to add a function to the building and rework it to make it believable. Like adding keel to the structure, ropes to maintain the entire village etc... The working process is pretty much the same that the project above. Except that I did more back and forth modifications in 3d coat/blender/Octane.

After finishing the first Image , I wanted to show a vision of the village that is more immersive. I'm actually developping other buildings that has different functions like garden tower, anchor tower that maintain the village to a place etc...

Time ratio (in average) :

3D coat > 15 %____Blender > 10%____Octane > 5%____Photoshop > 70%

This project was to test VR in my workflow. So i played around with Gravity sketch, the mesh is fully made into the soft. Blender helped me with a shadder issue I had with the plane canopy.
It was also the first time I experimented this far texturing in Octane.

Time ratio (in average) :

Gravity Sketch > 60 %____Blender > 2%____Octane > 30%____Photoshop > 8%

The exercise was to mix some animals to create a new species. For a starting point I decided to think how the creature lives. How does it hunt, where, when etc... After writing down my wishes I found similarities existing species.

Time ratio (in average) :

Zbrush > 60 %____keyshot > 10%____Photoshop > 30%

"Lobo" was done for an anatomy exercise at New3dge school. We had to choose a super hero and sculpt it. It was also the first class with Zbrush.

Time ratio (in average) :

Zbrush > 90 %____Keyshot > 5%____Photoshop > 5%

Paintings based on a daily training. Some studies are from Josh Clare's work others from images found on the internet.

The power of fractal is that it is stimulating your imagination quite a lot! I pushed further a render I did in Mandelbulber. It was really fun to paint over fractals. The "challenge" here was to turn the abstract-look into an architecture. Indeed, by adding some stone wall textures, colors for the readability, pillars, scaffolds, people for the scale etc, it helped me to contextualise the structure. 
The work of Timothy Rodriguez really inspired me for this this piece.

Time ratio (in average) :

Mandelbulber > 10 %____Photoshop > 90%

Afternoon illustration

"Dead King" is the last project of my year at New3dge. We had to select an ethnic community and develop a character design in a fantasy-realism world. The second part of the creation process was to design a diorama that told a little bit more about the character...

That short project was to experiment a little more with VR. I used Medium to quickly build the creature and pose it in different ways.

Time ratio (in average) :

Worldcreator > 5 %____medium > 20%____Medium > 15%____Octane > 20%____Photoshop > 40%

Line drawing concepts done for a class at new3dge school. The aim was to design a cryopod.

Time ratio (in average) :

Photoshop > 100%

Officer's lounge was a project done for a class at New3dge school. We had to design a rest room for officers.
I have chosen to develop a retro futuristic place, very inspired by Syd Mead.
The reason why I choosed to develop that kind of universe was because of the round shapes everywhere. I wanted to learn how to modelise in 3Dsmax round stuffs. Thing I did afterward in an other exercise given by an other teacher.  

Time ratio (in average) :

Photoshop > 100%

I finish my entry with some of the drawings I do every day. Some from mind and others from life.

Thank you for reading!

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