The hidden

The hidden

by alexanderwaung on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this work, I wanted to put a bit of a storyline into it with a dark vibe. This work is about a man slowly deteriorating himself mentally from an unfaithful voice, both within and outside, then eventually taken over by his evil self.

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What I did:

I wanted to try something new in after effects and I remember I have came across a Youtube tutorial hosted by the amazing "Ben Marriot". The tutorial was about applying a hand drawn style effect on the lines and I thought it was perfect to give an accent to my work, adding that irregularity and eerie to the feel.


Additional info:

What I also took in concern is animating the small elements. I usually rely on composition to tell the story but this time I took a bit more effort into animating. For example I have animated the bubbles in the scene where the man transitions himself into a dream. I also animated the lips on the worm and the heads, tried to sync with the audio. (Images below)

Director and animator:  Alexander Waung

Music:  Michael Vignola

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