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The Animation of Laura Jurkaityte

The Animation of Laura Jurkaityte

Laura Jurkaityte
by lauraju on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey! My name is Laura and I am a recent graduate of the University for the Creative Arts, BA Animation course. I have a good working knowledge across multiple processes. I enjoy creating 3D characters and I love bringing characters to life! My specialities include character animation, storyboarding and cinematography

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Short animated film "Pancake Day"

Pancake Day is a short animated film co-directed with Augustina Bartkute as the final project of our 3rd year at the University for the Creative Arts. The project is not finished yet. 

I did all 3D modelling, rigging, texturing and 3D animation, while Augustina Bartkute did animatic, 2D backgrounds, 2D VFX/animation. 

The technique for the animation is mixed digital 3d and 2d style. Softwares used: Autodesk Maya, 3DCoat, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Tvpaint. Rendered using MNPRX tools, accessible at

Main character:

Ona is a young girl. A bit of a scaredy-cat, but to get back her beloved toy she will learn how to be brave

LaĊĦininis (porky) - another effigy of winter. Portrait as bad traits for the Spring time, like being lazy or over-eating.

Kanapinis (Hempman) - An effigy of spring. Shows desired traits of a good villager. Hardworking and ready for fasting.


Visual Development:

Storyboards vs Final Renders:

Full movie (still in progress):

The short animation film "Between two fires" (2020) is about a baby camel who tries to run away from a bushfire in Australia, however, a shocking surprise awaits him at the end of the journey. I co-directed the film with Veronika Jakutaviciute. "Between two fires" is our debut film. I did the biggest part of the modelling, texturing, animating, and lighting for this film, while Veronika did all concept art for it. For this entry, I present my animations and models.

The film splits into two parts. The first part recreates the impression of stories that were once told in the shadow theatre technic by using a 3D medium. I wanted to make a visual style based on real shadow theatre but with the feeling of a sunny Australian vibe. For this reason, in most of the scenes, dominant colours became yellow, red, brown, and orange. In the end, the result resembled quite different from shadow theatre but I am happy with it because in this way the look of the film turned out more unique than expected.

The second part of the film looks more dimensional and real. This helps to create an illusion of danger and contrast between the real and dream worlds. 

Camel character:

Full movie "Between Two Fires"

Character modeling, rigging and animation "The pirate Mushroom"

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