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Hell incarnet

Hell incarnet

by KacperWJTrzecki on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

final year degree project. Characters For a VR game

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This is my submission from my final year project at University. I was in charge of the characters, for a VR game. The game is set in 14th century black plague, that became a zombie apocalypse.

It was a two man project, and we both had decided to switch to this project Half way throught the year abandoning our previous work, so some elements had to be rushed, but here I present My Character work.

Main character for the game conepts. I named him Everard (mostly to have clarity in the files). 

As you may not noticed he's missing a head, as it's not necessary for a VR game.

In retrospective I should have payed more attention to roughness when texturing...

with the Zombie as and enemy character I tried to focused on making it look unhealthy. The eyes are plain as we planed to to some emisive material on them in UE4. Aslo I wish I had time to add some wear and tear to the clothing, and create a variation of the zombie to diversify the zombie population in the game...but we learn time mamagment on our mistakes. 

I didnt anticipate how much detail of the sculpt would get lost in baking onto the low polly would happen, but I'm still happy with the end result. 

In the end we gave ourselfs too little time to get proper rigs for the characters, and din't polish the project the way we wanted, but here I present "hell Incarnate"

Thank toy for viewing My submission

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