20-21 work

20-21 work

Hector Jose Puebla Rangel
by 3dpepe on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is the most important work I did across the year, I hope you like it! :)

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Springfield Armory - Saint Edge AR-15 Pistol

I started this project to have a game-ready model in my portfolio, based on real references and other models. It was a bit challenging as I had never made a model with so many parts and accessories. The workflow consisted of making base models in Maya to integrate them with bools in Zbrush so I was able to edit them easily, I added details to the edges and then I retopologized for bake in marmoset, textured in Substance painter and render in marmoset. The model is composed of 4 texture sets and 16,612 faces. I hope you like it :)

Model with bools in Zbrush

Model with dynamesh and smooth edges

Texture maps and UVs.(Id colors are the same as baking groups)

Concept Art work

In these projects I focused more on the creative process and relied on tutorials from professional artists, the idea was to get to the concept in a short period of time, therefore I did not worry about topology or UVs. My workflow started sculpting the base in ZBrush to send it to PS and improve the concept, returning to make the changes and add the polypaint to later render in Keyshot and compose in PS.

Mech concept

Sith concept

Supercell Brawlstars character 

I did this project for a supercell contest in the character category, it took me longer to finish because I wanted it to be a character that fits well in the brawl stars universe, I opted for a level of detail for cinematic and it was a lot of fun to do.

Horse anatomy study


This is one of the 2 characters I made for my final school project

Thanks for watching! :)

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