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Voldemort Project

Voldemort Project

Benjamin Makki
by benjaminmakki on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

On this project I was in charge of the Voldemort asset (modeling, texturing, lookdev, and blendshapes modeling), and the environment (modeling, texturing, and lookdev). Voldemort's rig was done by Aurelien Amilhastre, animated by Théophile Calloix, FX by Anatole Perrin, and lighting and compositing by Jordan Placé.

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Voldemort Beauty Renders

I sculpted Voldemort in Zbrush starting from a base mesh with a good topology to save some time on retopology. Unwraped the UVs in Maya. Exported the mesh maps from Substance Painter and textured in Mari using mainly TexturingXYZ maps. Then the lookdev and the renders were done in Houdini Arnold.

For the Eyes I started with the FlippedNormals Eye Kit that I reworked to make them match Voldemort's references.

I made the cloth in Marvelous Designer and added some details in Zbrush. I did the the retopology in Maya and then textured them in Substance Painter.

Arm Close Up Render

Blendshapes modeling


We decided to use a lowpoly version of Voldemort for the rig and the animation to make the scenes lighter and easier to work with, and then for the final scene assembling with transfered the animation on the highpoly mesh to get all the sculpt details in the render.

Lowpoly / Highpoly

Environment Beauty Render

I modeled the environment in Maya and Zbrush, and textured it in Subtance Painter.

I used Zbrush Decimation Master tool for the golden ornaments to get all the details of the modeling without bothering with heavy displacements.

Ambient Occlusion / WireFrame / Compositing

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