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by Leelooelea on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These are two of my favorite projects I've worked on last year. I've learned a lot from these projects, they both have helped me a lot with developing my 3D skills. I've created multiple characters and assets (full pipeline from designing to texturing & lighting). And you can see my showreel at the end of the entry!

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Because there was time between two school programs, a couple of classmates and I started a project called 'Exolvo'. We started around the beginning of march, and are now in the compositing phase. Me and a friend of mine, who is the sound designer of this project, are both the directors and I'm also VFX-supervising it. This is the first time that I had to lead a team, which was both exciting but also challenging! Challenging because I was also responsible for making two of the main characters (from designing to texturing). Besides sculpting/modeling and texturing, I've also done some layout and lighted some of the shots. 

The knight plays the leading role in this story. Years after being turned into stone by the corrupted king, the knight finds himself awoken in the throne room. A sword, once used by the king, calls him. He takes the sword and hears a faint voice. He then goes onto a journey, where he follows the call of the sword. The sword slowly corrupts the knight, up to a point where the knight has almost no will of his own anymore. This journey eventually brings him to a temple where a Sorceress is being kept under locks, this is where our short 'teaser movie' starts. 

This sword once belonged to the Sorceress, but she became too powerful so the people decided to lock her up, however she still had some powers left through the sword. With these powers she corrupted the knight and influenced him into releasing her.

I was inspired by Dark Souls 3 and The Witcher 3 while making the designs for both the characters and the sword.

Software used: Photoshop | Zbrush | Maya | Marvelous Designer | Substance Painter

It took around 2.5 weeks to make the Sorceress (from design to texturing). This was the first female character I made and I really enjoyed the process. The Knight took around 3-4 weeks, this was also a very interesting process, especially with the armor (taking into consideration he had to be animated).

Besides the characters and the sword I've also sculpted a stone-hand construction in which the sorceress has been trapped. This scene takes place in a dungeon-esque temple and was lighted by me. 

Software used for lighting: Houdini | Arnold

From some of these frames you can find the sequence-render in my showreel!

Cassette Showreel Intro

Besides Exolvo, I've also worked on a personal project. I was thinking about what kind of intro I could make for my showreel and how I could spice things up a bit. After some brainstorming I ended up with the idea of introducing the video with a cassette player that starts to play. 

I'm responsible for all aspects. Software used: Maya | Substance Painter | Arnold


Lastly I wanted to show my showreel, where you can find more turntables, sequence renders and other (older) projects I've worked on!

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