Leeloo Bénézra
Leeloo Bénézra

Leeloo Bénézra


I'd love to work on projects, where I could put my creativity into making 3D characters and worlds come to life and have fun!

Movies and games have always played a big part in my life. Movies like Lord of the Rings, or playing Rayman Revolution on the PS2 with my dad as a kid, have a special place in my heart. The joy and entertainment they have brought me is something I also want to create for others. I've always loved drawing, when I learned of the term VFX I realised I could combine my passion of making art and entertainment and turned my passion towards making 3D characters and assets.

Learning: Netherlands Film Academy

Expertise: 3D Animation Game Design & Development

Draft Selection

Excellence Award

  • Skipped Debut N/A
  • Skipped Player N/A
  • Leveled up to Contender May 31, 2021
  • Leveled up to Rookie TBD
  • Pro TBD

Current Education

Netherlands Film Academy
Class of 2021