Lily Mellor
by lilymellor on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A solar powered DSLR for photographers on the go. Featuring two solar panels, HELIOS X utilizes the power of the sun to charge your camera battery.

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Meet HELIOS X, a futuristic solar powered DSLR designed for videographers and photographers on long expeditions without access to power sources. Featuring two solar panels located on the top of the camera body, this innovative DSLR harnesses the power of the sun, helping you capture what you see without ever having to charge a battery. HELIOS X includes a digital touch screen and is designed with a simple form for easy travel and storage.

HELIOS X is designed for photographers on the go. With a simple rounded rectangle as it's base form, this camera is ideal for storage and traveling. The two solar panels located on top of the flash and near the mode selector collect power from the sun and transfer it to the battery located on the right side of the camera body.

For easy access to your photographs, the digital touch screen allows users to see what they've shot in real time just seconds after they've captured it.

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