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木龍の憤慨 - Wrath of the Wooden Dragon

木龍の憤慨 - Wrath of the Wooden Dragon

Yari Lute
by yarican on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A woodcarver, trained as a shinobi, living in enemy territory to strike her next target. Interior Cutouts and Mount design.

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Wrath of the Wooden Dragon

A woodcarver, trained as a shinobi for the Takeda clan, lives in enemy territory to plan out her next mission. 

The workshop: MC's non-secret space where she takes orders & works on her assignments.

In this one, I tried to really push the woodcarver profession for the interest of the piece. Eventually, I added some scenery to the outside for the atmosphere.

Lair: MC's secret room where she trains, plans missions, and her possible hiding place. 

In this one, I tried to focus a bit more on game mechanics, adding the enemy's armor for tutorial & practicing combos, a trophy cabinet with wood-crafted models of the slain bosses of each act, and a planning section that showcases worthwhile information & options before every mission. In addition, I wanted to add some story to the exterior for more interest.

Mount: MC's mount used when escaping.

In this one, I tried to look for an interesting design by adding interesting wood carvings to amp up the design and reusing elements from the interiors. This one was quite a hassle to figure out due to having no experience with mounts nor horses. 

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