by DiegoTeutli on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A reimagining of the movie gladiator. In this version everything takes place on an alternate version o Mexico, where cowboys wear knight looking armors and fight to death on the dueling pit of the Mexican empire.

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Hello there and  welcome to my reimagination of the movie "Gladiator", the world of "Gunslinger".
In this version, the story takes place in Mexico around 1900 - 1910, on an alternate universe, where cowboys wear knight looking amours, and humanity has retro futuristic technology.  In this world Gunslingers duel for glory, on the dusty and dangerous duel arenas of the Mexican empire.

Máximo is our hero,  the once most honorable and loyal general of the empire. After being betrayed by the ambitious prince Cómodo he has fallen into slavery and has become a Gunslinger, which now represents the only way of him to get revenge.

Designing Máximo was the first thing I did for this project since I wanted to make sure that the cowboy-knight look that I had in mind could work visually. 

Fleshing out the creatures and fighting vehicles for the duel arenas was one of the most enjoyable parts of the design process. For the creatures I kept them interesting but tied to the cowboy themes mainly through the color pallet and patters for the skins. As for the Pit-Wagon I kept the main shapes and structure of a western chariot, but used it to show the dusty and advanced technology that this world uses. 

The world of gunslinger is dusty, hot, and full of people, each individual fighting to survive and make a living in this agitated and violet place. 

The royalty in the Mexican Empire, even though they look higher class they still retain some of the toughness of the world, which can be seen in the imperfections of the metal armor they wear and the small spots spots of dirt their clothing has. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my entry and hope you find it fun and enjoyable.

Sincerely, Diego 

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