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Nathan Maes - 3D Generalist

Nathan Maes - 3D Generalist

Nathan Maes
by nathczz on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello ! I'm finishing my 3rd and last year of study at VFX-Workshop. I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different skills from 3D character to environment and it is now time to share all these projects !

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Here is my actual showreel. Now that my studies are reaching the end, I have a large amount of things I wanna upgrade on my work in the future ! There's room for improvement and I will do it for sure. During my studies I learnt 3D from scratch and I touched a very large amount of skill areas in a short time. My near future plans are to improve my skills mostly on Characters, Hard Modeling and Environment. I hope you'll like it !

Space Corridor

This was the first time I used Unreal Engine (4). With this little project entirely made with packs of objects, I wanted to experiment how the software is working. The idea was to create some clostrophobic, Alien inspired, ambient.

Software : Unreal Engine

Astronaut was made by Albin Merle as a generic suit and textured by myself inspired by Alien suits design.

Sand Ruins

This was inspired by the gigantic Ruins/forgotten structures Paul Chadeisson made. I used some Megascans assets and textures. The Landscape was built with Gaea and Textured with an Auto Material I made on Unreal Engine Allowing me to change the amount of sand according to the terrain Height.

Software : Gaea / Unreal Engine

Meditation Place

With this project, I wanted to create a very dark, but peaceful and spiritual place. Similar as a very huge natural cave fill by water. Assets are from Megascans or asset packs.

Software : Unreal Engine


I made this 3D model in collaboration with Harold Gerenton based on the Star Wars AT-ST Empire war machine. I mostly worked on the legs and feet for the Modeling part. I did the UV and textures on 3DS Max and Substance Painter.  

Software : Blender / 3DS Max / Substance Painter

We worked with a small model as reference, blueprints, official model photos and shot from the movies.

Balrog of Morgoth

This project put me on an interesting way. I wanted to do some Lord of The Rings stuff for a long time so I started with Durin's Bane, the Balrog of Morgoth. His head is quite a challenge and I still have work to do on his body to adjust shapes and add way more details. The difficulty was to find good and clear references of the Balrog anatomy. 

Software : Zbrush / Maya

David - 3D Head Scan

I never worked with a 3D scan before and this was quite a challenge for me because this was the first real project with so many steps on a character. I made it from the scan cleaning to the lookdev. This project really helped me to understand and setup the workflow for the future characters I will have to work on.

Software : Zbrush / Maya / Mari / Substance Painter / Xgen

Nozomi Okuhara

This is my last project. Nozomi Okuhara is an Olympic Badminton athlete, a sport I love. She is one of the greatest example of perseverance and respect and that is very inspiring for me. So I wanted to do my best on this 3D recreation. Everything was made from scratch to lookdev. I used a very basic Rig skeleton in Maya to create the pose and then everything has to be cleaned in Zbrush. This was my first attempt on Cloth creation with Marvelous Designer.

Software : Zbrush / Maya / Marvelous Designer / Substance Painter / Xgen

I'm taking any advice and feedbacks to help me to progress.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed.

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