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Sci-Fi Poison Axe

Sci-Fi Poison Axe

by TomJK on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A fully textured and modeled, futuristic, melee weapon with poison expelling capabilities. Low poly model with baked down texture maps from high poly for use in game.

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This Sci-Fi Axe is a 3D model I had created as a side project while carrying out my assignments during the first half of my 3D Modeling Diploma course at CG Spectrum. The Axe is a futuristic edged weapon that also leaks poison around the blades edge. The aim for this project was to create a realistic looking weapon, ready for use in game.

Autodesk Maya was used to model a high poly version of the weapon, which then led to it being reduced down to a low poly model, more appropriate for use in game.

The Normal, Material IDs, Ambient Occlusion and Thickness maps were then baked using Marmoset Toolbag, then the low poly and baked texture maps were used in Adobe Substance Painter for material creation.

The final render was also created within Substance Painter using the Iray renderer. 

The piece took reference from a concept design found through pinterest, on DevientArt. (Source:

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