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Chai's Character Concept Art Portfolio

Chai's Character Concept Art Portfolio

by chai on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here's finally my entry for The Rookies 2021 ! This portfolio is Character concept art & illustration based, so I hope you'll enjoy it anyway ! -Spoiler: Original Characters, Costume design, Re-design and Character Illustration ahead !-

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Character Design work :

Yoru, The Spirit Hunter

Yoru is a character I designed in 2020 during a workshop. The design past then was really different from today's. Also I didn't think so much about her background at that time. But now things evolved a lot, so here's Yoru's Concept in a nutshell :

Yoru is a spirit hunter from a cursed hunter tribe. The curse afflicts them with a demonic/yokai body part. In Yoru's case, it's her arm, which she took at her advantage to hunt easily. She keeps thinking that she will be saved from her curse by hunting hundreds of Yokais, then she's mainly looking to hunt all of them and trap their essence in her spirit catching lantern. Hoping it would cure her from her curse one day or another..

- Since she's barely human, she hunts at night -

Reika, The Blossom Spirit

Note : Yoru and Reika are from the same universe; so yeah, Yoru might be after Reika for her cursed journey..

"Draw me as Samurai !" (Final Fantasy XIV)

Samurai (fan) outfit for Final Fantasy XIV new expansion.

 - I dressed up my own character for this one  ꒰⑅ •ᴗ•⑅꒱  -

Edea, the Victorian Sorceress  (Final Fantasy VIII re-design)

Edea (from Final Fantasy VIII) redesign, to give her a more victorian & fancy style.

This was done for May 2020 Character Design Challenge

Illustration & Sketch work :

My entry for Exos Heroes Global 1st Anniversary Art Contest.

Gift-card-like illustration

Slide for step-by-step

Thanks for passing by !  (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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