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3D Character Modeling - Showreel - Nikaido / Starfire

3D Character Modeling - Showreel - Nikaido / Starfire

by bayabenedetti on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My first entry for the Rookies. Both projects were realized for New3dge 3D character courses and are fan-arts. Thank you for watching my work, I hope you enjoy it !

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For my first ever entry in the Rookies, I wanted to showcase the projects I enjoyed the most during my year at New3dge; 3D Character modelling.

First Character : Starfire ! The design and pose is fully inspired by an existing figure of the same character.

Left: Turn Fully textured and rendered / Right: Turn Grey

This Starfire sculpt was modeled after the Sideshow Collectibles figure, originally made by Steve Lord. This was my very first character where I followed a given workflow. From blocking to texturing and rendering, the entire process was really fun and I invested myself fully into this project, which gave me my first taste for 3D Character modeling.

Blocking Process

Box Render - Rendered as if it were the real figure

Second Character : Nikaido from Dorohedoro ! this time I had full creative liberty for the final posing of the character.

From Left to Right : Turn Color Graded / Turn Beauty / Turn Grey / Turn Wireframe

For Nikaido, the hardest part was to sculpt a stylized character based on very few references. This character had no figure for me to use, I had to take many screenshots from the series. The anime being done CGI style, it was difficult to assess the proportions and volume of the model.

Blocking Process

Details and Socle for Nikaido

All in all, character modeling at New3dge has been for me an eye-opener, I realize now that it is a very fulfilling and fun field in which I can see myself flourish professionally.

For these two projects, I used Zbrush, 3DSmax, Substance Painter for texturing and Vray for Rendering. I still have a lot to learn from these softwares but as time goes by I feel like I'm improving a lot.

Thank you for watching my work !

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