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VFX and Graduation Project

VFX and Graduation Project

Inès Djezzar
by ines on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this contribution, I will show what I did for our graduation project called Souls Reporter on both VFX/Shader and global participation and I will show as well some personal VFX projects.

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Here you will discover my contribution for our Graduation project Souls Reporter and other personal projects. In this project, I was mainly in charge of the VFX/Shader and Rigging/Skinning. However, I was as well on the environment (modelization, texturing, sculpt, and level art).

Here are some screenshots of our game. In this game, you play a paranormal photojournalist that goes to haunted places to discover forgotten stories, you are investigating the story of Frida Jenhssen, the fallen star of the Craquelin. The place was abandoned in the 30s and you are investigating in the 80s.

Now I will pass onto my VFX reel, in which there will be the VFX/Shader/Effect of the game Souls Reporter and personal VFX projects 

VFX Concept

Third eye pendant

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