Guillaume Luxen - First year diving into 3D

Guillaume Luxen - First year diving into 3D

by Lulustucru on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I never had any contact with 3D softwares although Blender always held out his lovely arms to me each time I launched Steam. But this year, I eventually experienced the joy of designing, modeling, unwra..(not you) and texturing. I'm pretty proud of what I have realized this year and I'm looking forward to continue.

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My first contact with 3D begins with a low poly Diorama themed on a swamp hunting shack in Louisiana. 

My main concern here was to break the flatness of the groundplane. I tried to achieve that by hadding more verticality with a bridge separating the 2 islands. (also because bridges always look cool).

 It definitely could have more props all around to give it more life, but I'm still pretty proud of what I came up with.

I then approched the stylization with a low poly WWI plane for our Game Art course which was really fun to make.

I was introduced to handpainted texturing for the realisation of  this smirky smiling plane. I went for a junk type of paint, like if it was spray painted by some sort air raiders/pirates.

I greatly appreciated our Weaponcraft Assignment which consisted in creating a stylized weapon in the style of WoW.

It wasn't about stylizing an existing object like done before here but to design and create it from the beginning which was really interesting. I went trough the different stages of designing and iterating, modeling and then texturing the weapon and it was challenging yet still fun from start to finish.

This school year finishes with a very exciting assignment for our 3D course. Creating a high poly vintage hovering car.

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