André Fernandes Illustration and concept

André Fernandes Illustration and concept

André Fernandes
by andrefernandes on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a selection of my works focusing mainly on concept and illustration from the past year and a half

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Some concepts and Illustrations I did for "RE:COMPRESSOR" my graduation project.

Impress viewers with your daredevil skills during high-speed overtaking and other daring drifts. Make your mark to become the undisputed champion of this frenetic race!

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Cover art


2D vehicles and characters concepts


These Illustrations are a collection of my personal projects

Character design for the Illustration above

I ve always been a fan of Yusuke Murata's work, it made me want to play american football so I had to make an illustration about that sport

Combining fashion and aliens in a post apocalyptic setup really was a lot of fun !

Some character designs inspired from the awesome From Software licenses

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