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Day N Night

Day N Night

by Malthe on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a school project we had, were we had to make a scene and have 2 renders. A day render and a night render, i chose to make an extra angle to have more pictures. The only objects in the scene that i didn't make, was the apples.

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This project was a school project, that we got so that we would have so more work on our artstation/portfolio. Beside the work we make at home. I got really motivated to do this project after our teacher pitched the project for us, so I worked alot on it in my spare time. The render below is not one of the two pictures that is presented in class though, this picture  is day with all the lights turned on. I just wanted to add the render of everything, even though it isn't what the scene was build for.

I will say that there is an object in the scene that i didn't make, i imported the apples in the bowl from vray cosmos.

The project's requirements for when we presented it was, to have 2 renders from the same scene and angle. one of the renders was a day render with the lights turned of with a sun and day hdri. Which is shown below, I think this is one of my favorite renders of this project.

The render below the day render, is the other render required for our project. The night render, the render consists of the same scene and angle from before, but with the lights turned on with a night hdri. While the sun was turned off.

I'm glad with the angle i ended up using, after having looked at my blockout for quite a while. 

I have a habbit of choosing some pretty "generic" angles for my projects. I think the angle i ended up with as my main angle, was pretty good.

Then for the pictures below, i wanted to make another angle, to have extra angles and renders for my portfolio. I then ended up making a "generic" angle as i often think i do. But that didn't really matter to me since I had made some objects that i wanted to show of, that you couldn't see that well in the other renders. So below, there is first the day render with all lights turned off and below that i have the night render.

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