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My journey at Think Thank Online

My journey at Think Thank Online

Tomas Sackmann
by tomassackmann on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi there! Here I will take you through my journey in Think Tank Training Centre Online. I will show you my final projects and some break down from each of them. I hope you like it!

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Bedouin Elf

Character created for the Advanced-term Final project at Think Tank Training Centre Online. For this project, I did entirely concept, sculpting, modeling, texturing, grooming, lookdev, post and comp. 


In this project, I was not trying to do a likeness but to capture the essence from this amazing picture from Robin Moore. The first thing that captured me in the reference was the expression of that man, the smile, and the look in his eyes. 

As you can see in the image, the topology needs a lot of improvement to be fully ready for animation. Since the plan was only to make still images and I ran out of time at the end of the project, I couldn't update the topology. But if I were to use this character in film production, I would need to adjust the topology of the face to make it follow the wrinkles. This was one of the key things that I learned in this project.

The main tools I used were ZBrush, Maya, V-Ray, XGen, Substance Painter, Mari, Photoshop, and Nuke. 


All the sculpting was done in ZBrush, starting from a sphere using mainly basic brushes. For the skin texture, first I tried using a Texturing XYZ map provided by the school, but it really didn't match the look I was looking for so I ended sculpting the skin pores by hand using a mix of some skin alphas from the internet and some individual pores alphas I sculpted myself.

My texturing process was a mix between hand-painting and procedural texturing in Substance Painter and photo projections in Mari.

All the facial hair was done in Xgen Core placing the guides manually and using modifiers. The lighting, look dev and final renders were done in Maya with V-ray.


Character created for my Mentorship at Think Tank Training Centre online, based on a concept from Ken Barthelmey.

Break Down

All the sculpting, modeling, texturing, grooming and look dev from the character and the foreground of the artwork was made by myself and the background/environment was done using models from Kitbash 3D.

Hair test


The gas mask and bow were modeled entirely in Maya trying to get a clean and even topology.


Even if most of the body is not visible on the final artwork I sculpted the full character to get a more realistic feeling at the moment of creating the clothing.  

The clothing was done in Marvelous Designer and did the retopology in Maya. Also in Maya I modeled manually the seams, zippers and other details to add complexity to the mesh.

UDIM workflow


Character created for the Intermediate-term final project at Think Tank Training Center Online.

All models, textures, Uvs and lookdev did by myself.

Modeled in Autodesk Maya, Sculpt in Zbrush, Clothing in Marvelous Designer, Texturing in Mari and Substance Painter, LookDev in Vray, Comp in Nuke.

Don Quijote - Stories on a bike

Here is my final project for the Foundations term at Think Tank Training Center Online.

The project was inspired by my cousin Santi, this image represents him perfectly.

Santi has autistic spectrum syndrome and the way how Juan, my uncle found to better connect with him is the bike.

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