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Chameleon Fact Files

Chameleon Fact Files

A witty mockumentary film about questionable facts of a chameleon.

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About the film

Inspired by Ze Frank, we have strayed away from a serious narrative and decided on doing a mockumentary-styled film as we faced restrictions filming due to the lockdown. We wanted to do something that was achievable so our team has put together a short VFX film about a chameleon.

Core Members

Modelling: Victoria Gan Zhan Ning
Texture & Look Dev: Lucia Soares
Rigging: Olivia Gunson
FX: Ji Hwan Kim
Lighting & Rendering: Sek Pei Yuin
Compositing & Rendering: Nicole Chong Yee Mun


Animators: Aleksandra Strojecka, Fred Austin, Kirstie Scarlett-Bruff, Imogen Walters
Voice Actor: Christoper 'BIG JIM' Lamance
Music & Sound Designer: Callum Murray
Motion Graphic Artist: Clemente Cuevas

Behind The Scenes

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