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My Game Design Collection

My Game Design Collection

by hardus96 on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of all my real-time projects used as case studies. Learned a lot from each and everyone, from design, cinematography, blueprints, etc.

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The work below is either done by myself or in collaboration with a friend, Nicola Alberts.

One-2 VR : University 2 week collab project back in 2018 [Collab]

This is a VR reflex game, proved to be a fun boxing exercise, and using it a few times really improved my skill in martial arts, to be honest, I'm most proud of the fact that we (meaning Nicola and myself) had a two-week deadline for an expo where we wanted to showcase this game. Much to my surprise, we actually finished it on time and it turned out to be a "hit"... excuse the pun.

Dark Monument : Unreal Engine sequencer Cinematic [Collab]

The Monument is a cinematic project, learning how to use the sequencer was great fun and it's one of my most favorite things to do. I used this project to focus on environment and lighting.

Game asset viewer: Done in UE4

I've submitted the Game asset project back in 2020 but I'm still proud of it as well, I used it in order to further my texturing and environment layout skills. Focusing long and hard on the quality that one can achieve in real-time.

Level Design case study in UE4: mechanic training in blueprint too.

Level Design and Mechanic development has been my latest interest, I've made a series of case studies, trying to remake or interpret iconic game levels from my youth. Inspired games like God Of War, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, CSGO, Call of Duty and DOOM of all things.

This project especially is still ongoing for I have a lot to learn in terms of level design and coding for mechanics, but I still want to share this and hopefully see if it can get me somewhere in the future. I've been working on this project after playing the mentioned games above as inspiration and I tried to incorporate the base level design to see what made these games so great to experience.

CSGO/Valorant minimap :

 A quick and small map designed to get have players check their corners and to help the player be headshot conscious.

Call of Duty inspired map:

Used "Crash" as a main likeness. Focused on multiplayer vantage points and choke areas.

Warzone Inspired:

Battle Royales has hit the ground running and hasn't stopped for a breather, Apex Legends and Warzone has been a huge influence for me. And it was fun to create a city-based level.

DOOM Inspired:

It has been in my life since the start, one of my very first games to play actually, and I decided to remake a great small arena type area inspired by the 2016 DOOM.

Fighting Inspired:

I've been influenced mainly by TEKKEN but Mortal Kombat's environments always had me in awe. Environments and the close up details always inspired me.

God of War Inspired:

I've started playing the game since I was 14 years old, and it sticked. Focused on creating a basic Tutorial System within this small lenear map.

Things that I've learned:

Creating a base level as simple as this really help set up layered details for the later stages, you're able to iterate faster without worrying about creating the art for it or at least not spending too much time on it. For level design is the path that the player would take, the starting point for artists to place and decorate the environment, and a place where the mechanics can be tested out.

It's not something a lot of people think is important but I see it as the barebones of any game. And I'm still learning a lot.

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