One year as a Game Designer

One year as a Game Designer

Helouda! These are all the current projects I am actually working on as a Game Designer. I have worked alongside an amazing team of artist that has supported my ideas and work over the last year, working together in creating new worlds and ideas, to improve our working skills and portfolio. Hope you love it!

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Divine Angels Project Pitch: 

This game thought and develop with one main question: What if the Powerfull Girls and Charlie`s Angels merged together?

This game is based on ARPG combat and focuses on the social interactions of our superheroes, four unique women with a life and family that have to fight against their routines and the supervillain spree that is hitting the city.

All choices are important, both in combat and in social encounters, everything matters and affects character growth.

Game Design by Manel Barahona and Jose Antonio Garcia

Concept Art and layout by all the Concept Team

Harvest Cycle Proyect:

This game tries to bring real permaculture farming techniques to the Farm Sim genre, sending the player a message of the dangers of climate change and teaching ways we can improve our chances to evade it, using circular economy and our own land and environments.

All mechanics are related to this message since the stamina growth based on the air pollution levels to the quality of the crops and animal products based on the ground nutrients and fertility.

Game Design by Manel Barahona

Concept Art by Lidia Perez & Victoria Loyo

Enviroment and 3D by Ángel Rosa

Equip & Fight Proyect:

Command your heroes and fight against other kingdoms in this turn-based action board game, with all the liberty to create and explore new and unique builds for your heroes!

Loot cards and equip your heroes with them, give them weapons, armour or magic and move around the board to achieve your goals or defeat all your rivals!

Game Design by Manel Barahona.

Character Design by Alejando Velazquez.

Concept Art by Lidia Perez.

Thanks for watching! :D

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