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Mark Teo's  Visual Concepts 2019

Mark Teo's Visual Concepts 2019

Zhee F Teo
by markteo on 30 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Firstly it contains visual development of a set of characters and environment that is intended to be used for a game or movie. With the following of Concept arts and Matte Painting that I did for my semester.

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"Men In Straps" is a personal IP I choose to create as part of my portfolio, The intended setting is in the near future where a large city is in a long power struggle between militant authorities and the armed inhabitants. The Protagonist wanders in the underbelly of the city to survive and uncover what the city is hiding. 

Here is the line up of the characters I developed for my IP.

This is a compilation of the initial idea of each of the following work. I wanted to get a rough feel of each of the subjects.

Concept of the City

These are setting and mood of the world that they would inhabit in.

The Main Protagonist, a combatant who once served the authorities of the city. Now wanders the underbelly of the city together with the child he took under his care.

The Child, who now accompanies the protagonist after escaping authorities. She learns how to survive by following him.

The Enforcer, the mysterious individual reporting to the highest authority within the world, the one who opposes and hunts the duo.

The Physician, a kind doctor who operates in the grey area of the City , a helpful individual toward the duo.

The Friend, one of the few friends of the protagonist, a brash but dependable ally.

Digital Matte Paint which consists of the following topics, "Free-Topic", "Ruins", "Scifi" and "Interior".

Visual Concepts of a story with a Southern Tropical Setting.

The following works are The concept of a young protagonist and supportive character, An island Predator, A concept of a protective arm gear.

The concept art of the scene in the story, " The Villain's Slaughter" and " The Destination Discovered".

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