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Lighting / Lookdev / Comp - Reel 2021 -Elia Göttlicher

Lighting / Lookdev / Comp - Reel 2021 -Elia Göttlicher

Elia Göttlicher
by Eliagoettlicher on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

 Hey everyone, here is my entry for The Rookies Award 2021. The projects I have chosen are part of my Demo Reel 2021 which I created over the past year and at the PixlVisn Media Arts Academy in the last months of my education.

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1: Astronaut   (CG Integration)

2: Robot     (Live-action integration)

3: Eddie   (Lookdev)

4: Concept Art   1/2   (Light, Mood training)

5: Watch   (Comercial feeling)




I was searching after a small Lookdev task and the perfect character for that. I found the Eddie model from the Rookies Challenge but didn't submit the end result. So here I want to present you my interpretation. I hope you like it!



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