Maria Massot VFX Reel

Maria Massot VFX Reel

by mariamassot on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! I'm Maria Massot and this is my VFX Demo Reel 2021, a selection of some of the projects that I've done this year while studying at FX Animation School.

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VFX Demo Reel 2021

This is my VFX Demo Reel 2021, a selection of some of the projects that I've done this year while studying at FX Animation School, mainly using Houdini, Maya, Nuke and AfterEffects.

Below you will find each project separately, in each one I experimented with different effects and simulations. I hope you like it!

Pops Project

This one was an interesting and fun project for me since it was one of the first contacts I had with Houdini. It was inspired by the incredible work of Fabian Aerts in his "We were young" main titles project.

First I worked on the characters poses and secondary elements that compose the scenes. Then I played with particles, trails, geometries and volumes to achieve an interesting texture for the characters. For the final look I added some volumetric lights to give some depth and a mysterious vibe.

Pyro Project

For my first Pyro project I decided to burn a car in the desert, my main idea was to recreate some sort of crime scene subconciously inspired by movies and crime documentaries I've watched while working on school projects. I created multiple fire and smoke simulations and combined them in order to achieve a realistic feel. For the finished look I added a desert background in Nuke.

Vellum Fur Project

For this project I chose a deer as the main character to test the vellum grooming tools and my skills. Also, I created a forest environment to give it a context, the grass was made using vellum too. To finish I added some small butterflies flying around to give some background dynamism during the frames that look more static.

Personal Project

In this project I combined different simulations of cloth, hair, and crowds. My reference was the stunning project "Source of Entropy" by Tiber Erg├╝r and Muhammet Altun.

I created a dress for the main character, and some capes for the male characters, all from scratch to get more familiar with the cloth tools.  Also I added hair to the main character. To give it some dynamism I played with wind forces in all simulations and also created animated fog effects that contribute to the overall out of this world atmosphere.

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