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Postage Unreal Engine Level Block-Out

Postage Unreal Engine Level Block-Out

by KodakIsCameraShy on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"Postage" is a fully playable level that I created from scratch in Unreal Engine during my Spring Semester at the Academy of Art University in 2021. Everything presented in this project was created by me, except for the sound effects which are from

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"Postage" is a level that I created in Unreal Engine during my Spring Semester at the Academy of Art University.   For this project, I had to create/fill out several documents, including a level walkthrough document, a level reference board, and a level map.  For this assignment, we were tasked to create a Hub Level with Missions and Quests for the Player to complete.  The overall goal was to create an atmosphere that feels authentic and lived in.  After I finished creating those pre-production documents, I started working on building a simple block mesh in Unreal Engine based on the level map that I created.  After I finished the level blockout, I then adding quests and gameplay mechanics using the blueprint visual scripting method.

I created the buildings, NPCs, Game Objects, and everything else by creating Static Meshes in Unreal and I scripting everything by myself using Unreal's Blueprint system.   In this project, I created everything except for the sound effects.

All sound effects were sourced from, however, the rest of the entire level was built solely by myself for my class project.  

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