Darkest Deliverance

Darkest Deliverance

An action-RPG with dozens of quests, randomized loot and levels, and unique characters to play as. Playable on Windows PC and Android. Project by MAGES Institute of Excellence.

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An action-RPG with dozens of quests, randomized loot and levels, and multiple unique characters.

A mad king gone rogue has thrown a kingdom into strife. Once the most popular profession, Monster Hunters, have become a rarity. Play as one of three characters to pick up that mantle, fight through hordes of foul demons, and take down the mad king!


* Three characters to play as, all with their own unique special abilities, weapons, playstyles, and stats.

* Level-up paths for each character that includes skill and stat improvements, all unique to the selected character.

* Randomized loot drops with four rarity tiers.

* Vendor system to purchase, and sell loot and items.

* Randomized level layouts that ensure no playthroughs are similar.

* Dozens of quests to play through, each with their own rewards.

* Playable on both Windows PC and Android devices.


Darkest Deliverance was developed as part of MAGES over a 2.5 month period, by a team of 6 full time developers.


This game was made by:

* John David Uy - Project Manager

* Martijn de Reeper - Lead Designer/Team Lead

* Beatrice Tan - Assistant Manager/UI 

* Chu Toan - Lead Programmer

* Kavi Kumar - Asset Manager

* Madhan - Level Design/Programming

* Sam Tang - Level Design/Programming

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