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Santiago Berrar  VFX Demo Reel

Santiago Berrar VFX Demo Reel

santiago berrar
by SantiagoVFX on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, and welcome, this is my Houdini reel, this projects are for the master i'm studying, i enjoy how Houdini can mix the technical and the artistic part of a shot, in the projects i take care almots everything, that includes all the VFX, lightning, look dev, compositing, and a litte bit of procedural modeling.

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Hi, this is my demo reel of my first year using Houdini, i'm learning many things and tips, i hope you enjoy as me, cheers!!.

I will post the projects separately below the reel, for a better look.


I love the cosmos, in my Pyro project I had a fancy idea, to represent the void, 0 gravity and amazing colors, that space has.

This is a free project i choose to experiment with grains, and particles and give a commercial look, i like this because at the moment is the project with more dynamics, grains, pops, litte bit of grass and pyro waterfalls.

To the crowd project, i think the ragdoll are the funniest thing i saw, and the challenge to the crowds to run in a small city.
The RBD project was simply,i'm just started with houdini, and the render engine redshift, but the generation of the procedural floor makes me proud to share, that are the things i love to learn Houdini.

Thank you, i hope you liked, and have fun with the rest of the contest, have a nice day.


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