Forest Inari Shrine

Forest Inari Shrine

by jayxle on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

An Inari shrine that I have worked on at Academy Of Art University. This was a class project that I later refined and adjusted to my personal choices. I settled to create this diorama: a hidden away inari shrine that is hidden away in the mountains of Japan.

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Forest Inari Shrine

An exterior diorama I worked on for a 3D environment class. I experimented with creating the whole shrine project from concept to full 3D render in Marmoset. The whole idea is to capture a mysterious but tranquil atmosphere of a fox shrine near a small pond. 


Started off deciding the idea of the project. I wanted to focus more on a Japanese theme shrine so I did several sketches of what bigger aspect of the whole scene I wanted to emphasize more. I finalized on the idea of an Inari shrine since I enjoy the idea of having an animal rock sculpture be the main focal point of the scene.

Some of the basic low res maya sculpts and then later on finalized with plant alphas and zbrush high res sculpts.

Overall I learned alot of techniques during this project, and while it is a project that only allowed low poly models and handpainted textures, I believe this sort of limitation enhanced the scene's stylistic touch. Thank you for checking this piece out!

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