Winners announced for Rookie Awards 2021
Concept Art / Visual Development

Concept Art / Visual Development

Nawel Benrhannou
by Nawel on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are some of the work I did between 2020 and 2021 :) !

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Here is a my "Soulmates" project I did on my free time!

I wanted to add more storytelling to my pieces, so I chose to keep the same theme on all my sketches and tell the story of these so special partners...

Their two souls are deeply connected to each others, they feel every emotions together, happiness, anger, sadness... they are linked from birth to death, and that's why we call them "Soulmates"


Here is my contribution for my end year project "Burger League", I was working on for the past 8 month!

Trying to think about the global structure of the bleachers, for the 3D version! The modelization was made by my teammate Robin RISLER.

Some screenshots of the final result! I did all the texturing for the 3D assets (except for the giant screen, the ground, and the skybox)


Here is a creature concept, sculpted on ZBrush I did last year! I had to make a 2D concept first, and then a 3D detailed sculpt, to finally finish the piece by making a paint over on Photoshop.


And here is a concept based on Dark Souls universe

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