ZhangXiaoyue 2021reelshow

ZhangXiaoyue 2021reelshow

by zhangxiaoyue on 18 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These are the projects I did at Gnomon during 2020-2021. I had a great journey during my second year at gnomon and managed myself get past all the courses, though all the stuff gets tougher during the pandemic.

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This is the project I did for my Demo Reel class at Gnomon. I tried different lighting scenarios for the environment. It is a great journey to go through all the steps from modeling and level design to lighting. Hope you all like it!

Elvira Palace

The Elvira Palace is the project I did at Gnomon School. I started this project with Nate Stephens's Environment Class. This project took me 7months to finish. I also use the environment to achieve FX shot.

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