The little prince of winter

The little prince of winter

Abigael Giroud
by Abigaeru on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

It's a personnal project during my second year studying at school.

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I present you my personal project name "The little prince of winter". 

It's the first time I create a full project. I made the character design up to the 3D model, texturing and rendering. At first, I wanted to make a cartoon project but over time I decided I wanted to make this project more realistic.

I created the concept art in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop. I searched silhouettes and I made a turn of this little boy. After that, I sculpted the boy in Zbrush. I also made the accessories in Maya, like the base of the rope and the bronze pendant. I textured it in Substance Painter. Then, I rendered it in Maya with Renderman. For the first time, I made the fur and hair in Xgen. I hadn't done any realistic hair and fur before this project. 

Here is the turn - BACK, FACE, PROFIL - of my little prince. 

Here is the full size face body process of my little prince. 

A closer shot of this boy to show you more details of hair and texture.

I'm really proud of this character. I learned a lot with this project and I'm sure that I can do better next time. I would like to do more projects like that. 

And, I hope you enjoy my little prince of winter ! 

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